Recorded and mixed by Davide Favale at the M2F Studios in Milan, Dreams & Decadence is a mature rock album in which the folk influences that have accompanied Max since his debut with The Lorean meet an electronic sound carpet not far from the ethereal atmospheres of
Coldplay or Sigur Ros.

The lyrics of Dreams & Decadence embrace Max’s perspective ranging from the microcosm of his most intimate and private space (The Black Curtain), expanding to his closest loved ones, his children (Sweet, Promise), to finally expand beyond his own horizon, in a macrocosmic vision of the human being, at the same time child and responsible for the survival of nature (Antarktica).

From Dreams&Decadence


SWEET is pure poetry, a poem dedicated to his kids, who are the
beating engine of most of Max’s projects and, like many other artists before him, he turns to them this beautiful ballad made of wishes for the future.


PROMISE is a romantic and melancholic ballad about wait and devotion and the importance to keep dreaming against all doubts and unanswered questions.


ANTARKTICA is an introspective analysis on man’s attitude towards nature.

Adam, the protagonist of this song, is the personification of
the kind and respectful side of human beings in relation to what’s surrounding us. Adam is portrayed alone, barefoot and freezing as he cries realizing that humanity has forgotten about him.

Adam loves the Sun and loves taking care of Life, but the sound of his cry is a deaf noise and the song ends with Adam dying for our sins.

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Max Forleo fino ad ora AKA THE TRAVELLER vanta svariati album e diverse collaborazioni con il suo pseudonimo. Qui elencati i suoi lavori e featuring fino ad arrivare al lontano 2003, data di pubblicazione del suo primo album con la band The Lorean di cui è stato compositore ed autore di tutti i brani incisi.

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