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Dreams & Decadence


Massimiliano “Max” Forleo is a very talented singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer from Milan, Italy.

Max’s artistic career dates back to when he was just 7 years old. Max starts developing an interest in music at a young age and learns playing classical guitar, then piano, drums, bass guitar and singing techniques. After his first live experiences as a teenager, Max starts a band, The Lorean, in 2002, releasing his debut album Out of Memory (2003), followed by Morning Freedom (2008) and Waste of Time (2010). With The Lorean, Max tours part of Europe and of the United States and collaborates with international artists such as TM Stevens (bass player of Prince and James Brown), Richie Kotzen (Poison, Mr Big), Iron Butterfly, Kee Marcello (Europe) to name a few.

After The Lorean’s disbandment, in 2010, Max Forleo pursues a solo career under the moniker The Traveller. This new name comes from a holocaust memorial short movie for which Max has composed part of the soundtrack. Under this name, Max records the albums The Traveller (2011), Life (2012), Uncensored Kingdom and participates as a special guest in a few rap and rock featurings, continuing a very intense live activity

playing approximately 100 shows per year.

After a two year hiatus (2016-2018), Max Forleo makes a come back, this time with his actual name, with Distanze, Philos (2019) and the album Alice a Febbraio (2020), all in Italian, arising the attention of the critics.

In 2021 and 2022, Max Forleo releases the singles (and the respective self-directed
videos) Antarktica, Promise and Sweet, anticipating the long awaited new album 1 Dreams & Decadence. At the same time, Max is committed to an intense European
Tour including two shows opening for The Animals, in Wien and Loket.

Dream & Decadence is an intense and intimate album, sealing Max Forleo’s artistic, personal and ecological maturity. Recorded and mixed at M2F Studios, the album is mastered by Max Belladonna and Giovanni Versari (Muse, Vinicio Capossela). Release date: 9th of March 2023.

The Dream & Decadence Tour starts in February 2023 and it includes Italian
concerts, including a live show at the Hard Rock Café in Milan and a series of European dates. 2

All songs written by Max Forleo
Recorded & Mixed by Davide Favale at M2F Studios
(Except for “Sweet” – extended version and “Yes Man” recorded and mixed by Davide Lepido)
“Promise”, “Antarktica”, “Up to You” and “Hollow Year” Mastered by Max Belladonna
“Sweet”, “Places” and “The Black Curtain” Mastered by Giovanni Versari
1. The Black Curtain 2. Sweet
3. Places
4. Promise
5. Up to You
6. Antarktica
7. Hollow Year
8. Yes Man (home version)
9. Sweet (extended version)


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