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press release sweet


SWEET is pure poetry, a poem dedicated to his kids, who are the beating engine of most of Max’s projects and, like many other artists before him, he turns to them this beautiful ballad made of wishes for the future.

But it it precisely the use of the word Sweet (which is used, here, in the strongest sense of the term) that shows us the intrinsic vulnerability of being a parent: a father truggling between the will to protect and the awareness that nothing can stop the path of the individual, naturally destined to make mistakes and grow in their own way, with their own opinions and their own will.

The powerful chorus enters the song like a hurricane, through the half-closed windows of the hearts, clearing all those anxieties and torments kept bottled up.

With this third song, extracted from his latest album “The Black Curtain”, soon to be released on all digital platforms, Max leads us, once again, through a path that has accompanied him in recent years, making us witnesses of a human journey, made of fears and great emotions.